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Oral Session C : Friday, March 22, 2013 / 16:00 - 17:00

The links on the papers titles are desabled the PDF versions are in the USB drive given to the IP-WiS'2013 participants
18Propagation in Isotropic Dielectric Slab Loaded Rectangular Waveguides
Houssemeddine Krraoui
Taoufik Aguili
Jun Wu Tao


We present, in this paper, a rigorous study of the formulation of the transverse operator method (TOM) followed application of the Galerkin method with an extension to the case of rectangular waveguide partially charged with longitudinally isotropic dielectric with and without loss. We show the existence of the complex modes in these types of structures. A good agreement of the constant of propagation with the literature is obtained.

32Rigorous Study of the Rectangular Waveguides Fully-Filled with Anisotropic Meta-material
Sakli Hedi
Wyssem Fathallah
Aguili Taoufik


In this paper a rigorous analysis of the TE and TM modes is developed for studying the propagation in a rectangular metallic waveguide fully-filled with anisotropic Meta-material. The wave equation and the dispersion relations are obtained and analyzed. The higher order modes are exploited. Among the particularities of this anisotropic material, the backward and forward waves can both propagate below the cutoff frequency in the guide. The numerical results for TEm0 are obtained and compared to theoretical predictions and to those previously published. Numerical examples show the validity of this method.

53Modeling of Waveguide Filter Using Wave Concept Iterative Procedure
Aroussi Sassi
Noureddine Sboui
Ali Gharbi
Henry Baudrand


A rigorous full wave technique based on the Transverse Wave Concept Iterative Procedure (WCIP) is used to design a complex Frequency Selective Surface (FSS). These surfaces include a periodically arrangement of identical circuit. There are used as filters and reflector antenna as well as deep-space exploration for multi-frequencies operations. A simple FSS structure is studied in first stage to validate our approach. In second stage two different complex structures are studied. The good agreement between simulated and published data, justify the design procedure.

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